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In 2020, while traveling around the country, Kristyn couldn't find a pet crate that was adequate for her dog Bo, so she decided to do something about it. 

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“We’ve personally experienced the frustration of hurting myself and my dog on a wire crate. Crate Away's CR8 is an absolute game changer for me and my dog. I can't wait to take him everywhere with his Crate Away CR8 and know that he will be safe in all our adventures. The carrying bag is his diaper bag we say, we love it!”
Fellie's Mom
“Crate Away is the ideal travel option for our girls. The ability to open the crate at the top is a total game changer for cat owners. i love how easy it is to set up and I feel secure in knowing my kitties are safe and sound.”
Kiki & Mochi's Mom
“We met you at the South Park Doggie Land Paw Social a couple weeks ago with our two corgis. we are so excited for your launch on kickstarter! you have such an amazing product that I think a lot of pet parents are going to love.”
Corgi Mom
“It has always been difficult to find crates for my cats that were easy to put them into without hurting myself or them. crate away has totally changed that narrative and will make my life so much easier and my cats much happier.”
Belle's Mom
“I am constantly traveling for work. this crate is a game changer to drop off don at my sitter's house while i'm away.”
Don Julio's Mom
“So excited about the upcoming launch #havanese.”
Mini's Mom