tracks pet's health metrics

Caters to pet parents who value convenience and practicality, and who seek out adventure with their pets by their side.

share info with veterinarian

Imperative to a healthy lifestyle. Provide stability and a cozy den for pet to rely on while the modern pet parent is traveling from place to place.

Subscription plan

$9 Per month

Standard Subscription Plan

$9 Per month

Standard Subscription Plan
First 2 months free!
Launch date 2025


Create Your Pet(s) Profile to Capture Health Metrics

Your pet(s) will have their own personal profile in the Crate Away app that captures the health metrics generated by the weight scale and sensors on the crate.

This information will help you take control of your pets health and ensure you are capturing the most pertinent information to ensure your pet lives their fullest life by your side.


When you enter the Crate Away app, you will choose your pet's profile and see their dashboard. The dashboard will direct you to the food log, bathroom log, camera, health overview, and weight scale."

weight scale

Proper weight management is directly linked to an animal's energy levels and mobility. Overweight pets often experience fatigue and reduced activity, impacting their ability to enjoy regular exercise and play. This lack of physical activity can create a cycle of weight gain and exacerbate existing health problems.


Get a daily, weekly, and monthly view of your pet's health. You can find all information that Crate Away has gathered using this view and share it with your veterinary care team during check ups.

Camera & Motion Sensors

View your pet from afar with the option to speak to them. You can learn their habits with our motion sensors that will tabulate patterns in their sleep and self soothing tendencies such as barking, licking, scratching, etc. If their motion is excessive, you will get an alert.

Food Logging

Track your pet's food intake with ease. At the beginning of a pet's lifetime and throughout, it's very important to keep their meals consistent.

logging of bathroom habits

Track your pet's bathroom habits with ease. tracking a pet's bathroom habits is a proactive approach to pet care. It allows pet owners to detect potential health issues early, leading to timely veterinary care and improved chances of successful treatment. Regular monitoring is an essential aspect of responsible pet ownership and contributes to the overall well-being of the animal.


food intake



bathroom habits

crate temperature

self-soothing habits

Crate Away is A pet crate that captures your pet’s healthto put your mind at ease

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“We’ve personally experienced the frustration of hurting myself and my dog on a wire crate. Crate Away's CR8 is an absolute game changer for me and my dog. I can't wait to take him everywhere with his Crate Away CR8 and know that he will be safe in all our adventures. The carrying bag is his diaper bag we say, we love it!”
Fellie's Mom
“Crate Away is the ideal travel option for our girls. The ability to open the crate at the top is a total game changer for cat owners. i love how easy it is to set up and I feel secure in knowing my kitties are safe and sound.”
Kiki & Mochi's Mom
“We met you at the South Park Doggie Land Paw Social a couple weeks ago with our two corgis. we are so excited for your launch on kickstarter! you have such an amazing product that I think a lot of pet parents are going to love.”
Corgi Mom
“It has always been difficult to find crates for my cats that were easy to put them into without hurting myself or them. crate away has totally changed that narrative and will make my life so much easier and my cats much happier.”
Belle's Mom
“I am constantly traveling for work. this crate is a game changer to drop off don at my sitter's house while i'm away.”
Don Julio's Mom
“So excited about the upcoming launch #havanese.”
Mini's Mom