Size Chart

Seven divider placement options allow your crate to grow with your pet. New pet parents are able to use their Crate Away crate throughout their pet’s full life.

Size Dimensions, inches Pet weight, lbs Pet hight, inches
Large (L) 36" L, 25.5"H, 23.5" W Up to 90 lbs Up to 36 inches

Sizing tips

What size is the Crate Away crate?

36 inches long, 25 inches high, 23.5 inches wide

What size pet fits in our Crate Away crate?

We always suggest your pet should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. The best part of our crate is the 7 placement options for our divider. Our crate can grow with your pet as they mature.

Is the crate suitable for most pets?

Yes, our pet crates are designed to accommodate dogs, cats, etc. As long as your animal appropriately fits and isn’t an amphibian, we want you to choose Crate Away. 

Can I use the crate for multiple pets?

Depending on the size of the crate and the compatibility of your pets, our crate can accommodate multiple small pets. However, it's generally recommended to put the divider in place to separate the pets from one another.